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Happy Birthday to me

Posted on: August 5, 2009

Have you ever felt that empty feeling when you get birthday wishes from your friends on facebook but your own husband simply forgets it. I know he does not believe in celebrating birthdays. I am not expecting any celebration but a simple wishing would have done the job. But as  we all know, remembering is the first step before wishing and it hurts that he does not remember.

It is not a big thing and this is not the first time he has forgotten but I haven’t gotten used to it. I am not sad but getting that wish from my husband would have made me happy.

On a positive note, we have joined YMCA adult swimming classes yesterday as a couple and hope this time we give our best and learn it. We have tried learning before but did not succeed.

So I am another year old today but wine gets better with time. Isn’t it.



Edited to add: Wow Wow Wow……. When I reached home this evening. There was a big surprise waiting for me. A nice cake with a candle. My husbad said that he had to change candle three times as I was late in reaching home. My son played “Happy Birthday” tune on his guitar. He has started learning recently and apparently has been practicing all afternoon to play it for me in the evening. I got a nice “Guess” watch as a gift. All in all  Fentabulous ,Awsome , Wonderful.



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