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It has been long time

Posted on: June 14, 2010

I started this blog in August last year and so much has happened since then. I did not update this blog not because I did not have anything to say but that I had so much conflicting thoughts in my mind and I thought I would like to have clarity instead of  laying  my life in all confused maze like form. I read so many blogs mostly of indian women and have found that they do encounter instability or confusion over some matters while some other matters are very straight forward to them. I however have dealt my last  several years of existence with so much of an identity crisis. I undestand what people lay out of their blogs is not complete representation of their lives  and it is what they wish to share with the world .

I have returned to blogsphere now not because there has been any profound changes in my life. On the contary , the issues have jumbled up even more. And sad realization that the kind of clarity I am trying to find will always remain elusive and that I have to find a way to live my life one day at a time and that  I have to become self reliant and accept that sometimes accepting your fate is the best thing you can do than fighting it all the time.It is emotionally exhausting and not worth at all.

In the end I will quote something that I read somewhere and has struck with me ever since.

“Everything is OK in the end and if it is not OK, it is not the end.”

This quote gives me hope and I am so looking forward to “OK” whatever that is.


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